Refresh your lives with pure natural oxygen
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Refresh your lives
with pure natural oxygen

by Bharat Agarwal

Oxygen is our primary source of energy and we are aware of how vital it is for our brain & body functions. But are we also aware that oxygen shortage in the body has been linked to every major illness category including respiratory disorders, heart conditions, and even cancer. Oxygen calms the mind and stabilizes the nervous system and without oxygen, we cannot absorb important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that our body needs. We need oxygen 24*7 and it is

present in the air we breathe. It is a well-established fact the air quality around us isn’t what it used to be. So, it is then possible that our bodies are deprived of the most important thing that we have been taking for granted our whole life.

It is time to start using supplemental oxygen in your daily life. OXY99 just gives your body a boost from time-to-time to overcome the effects of deprivation which may be due to unhealthy lifestyle or your surroundings.


Air pollution in India, ranked by the World Health Organization among the worst in the world, is adversely impacting the lifespan of its citizens, reducing the lives of most Indians by over three years, a new study has said.

Out of the world’s top 20 polluted cities, 13 are in India compared to just three in China. Air pollution slashes life expectancy by 3.2 years for the 660 million Indians who live in cities, including Delhi according to a report in Hindustan Times.

According to WHO, air pollution acts as a silent killer as extra carbon monoxide enters the bloodstream through the lungs and binds with Haemoglobin, the substance that carries oxygen to our cells in the blood. it reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the body’s organs and tissues causing diseases due to oxygen shortage.


What is Oxy99

Oxy99 is India's number 1 trusted brand for Ultra portable oxygen cans that contain 99% pure oxygen any can be used by anyone at anytime to help in raising or restoring oxygen level in the body. OXY99 is a premium product brought to India by ING L&A Boschi of Italy since 1930 and manufactured as per the latest Indian pharmacopeia guidelines (I.P. 2014).

OXY99 portable oxygen bottle is a one time investment to keep for home as a firstaid lifesaver with a shelf life of 2 years. The bottle is light-weight weighing just 120 grams. This portable oxygen is packaged in a can containing 99% pure medical grade oxygen with upt to 150 inhalations per bottle.

How OXY99 Helps

  • Provides immediate relief by acting as a first aid during emergencies.
  • Helps instantly for any type of breathlessness or breathing difficulty
  • Instantly helps recover from low oxygen levels in the body caused by air pollution, smoking, stale air quality, poorly ventilated rooms, high altitude, etc.
  • Useful if suffering from respiratory and lung disorders including asthma, COPD, etc.

How OXY99 works?

  • Oxygen is our primary source of energy and is responsible for 90% of the brain and body functions
  • OXY99 instantly increases the oxygen levels in the body and helps restore the brain and body functions to normal.
  • By inhaling just 3 to 5 short bursts , OXY99 helps to recover from conditions resulting in low oxygen levels in the body.


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OXY99 can be used daily by older people. Just a few puffs a day gives your body and mind the boost it needs to improve cognitive performance, which is ideal for revitalizing you from the stresses of modern sedentary lifestyle that leaves you exhausted and out of breath. It also helps in improving memory and reaction time of your body and boosts your energy levels to have a more active life.


OXY99 helps you recover from breathlessness & suffocation caused by pollution, smoke, stale air, poorly ventilated rooms etc. OXY99 can also be used as first aid for treating people with conditions such as asthma, COPD, hypoxia, hypoxemia, emphysema, cluster headaches, etc.


Oxygen is considered the best tool for pushing the limits of your physical and mental boundaries. OXY99 will help you to improve muscle strength and stamina besides enabling you to recover instantly from fatigue and soreness. Professional athletes use OXY99 for supplemental oxygen.


OXY99 can be used at high altitude where the level of oxygen drops significantly making it harder to breathe. These portable cans are handy for people to carry during adventure sports like trekking, mountain biking, skiing and hiking.


OXY99 can be a lifesaver in a host of situations in those crucial few moments where oxygen may be immediately required to increase the low oxygen levels while you wait for an ambulance.


Keep yourself protected by using OXY99 as a daily supplement and boost your oxygen levels to get rid of all the extra carbon monoxide that sticks to the haemoglobin in your blood due to air pollution.


DAILY HEALTH TIP: Star using the pocket-sized OXY99 fingertip pulse Oximeter daily to check your oxygen levels in your body anytime, anywhere. It takes only 10 seconds and if the oxygen level is low then a few puffs of OXY99 will instantly increase your oxygen to optimum levels.

Portable Medical Oxygen Cylinder
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Medical Oxygen Cans
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