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See how OXY99 portable oxygen helped Neha to save her grandmother's life at home. Learn about this simple & effective lifesaver !

Medical Emergency can happen to anyone ! This is the testimonial of a 9 year oldschool girl called Neha who lives with her family in Bangalore. We can’t thank her enough for spreading awareness of how she helped her grandmother when she suffered from a sudden heart stroke at home. Her story has inspired and benefitted thousands of people all over India for being better prepared to overcome and recover from many health conditions and emergencies.

TIME is a precious commodity and with age one must not take time for granted. Nobody lives forever and the faster we realize this, the better we can prepare ourselves for any uncertain eventuality. It is a well established fact that oxygen is our primary source of energy and oxygen is vital for our brain and body functions. We breathe oxygen 24x7 and it is present in the air around us. In a serious medical emergency, OXYGEN EQUALS TIME making it one of the best currencies to buy time in those critical moments.


The science is simple; when one suffers from a sudden or unannounced deterioration of health such as Heart attack, stroke, Asthma attack or Breathlessness and so on…… It affects the functioning of essential body parts such as Heart or Lungs which immediately reduces normal sufficient rate of circulation of oxygen in the blood stream, drastically reducing the vital supply of oxygen to the Brain and Body and putting a huge amount of load on the critical functioning of the vital organs. Oxygen is a lifesaver and this is the primary reason for which all ambulances are compulsorily equipped with an oxygen supply while transporting a patient to the hospital.

BUT…..what do you do while waiting for the Ambulance to arrive?

Read on to see what Neha did……………

Neha’s Story

"I came home from school just like any other day to see my Dadi making lunch for us. My parents work in Jobs which means that they don’t return home before 6 pm or sometimes even later.I am very close to my Dadi because she is the person which whom I spend the maximum time everyday and she is my closest and wisest friend with whom I can always share my mind and seek the best guidance.

I usually go out to play with my friends at 5 pm after doing some homework but that day it started raining the moment I stepped out. After waiting for 15 minutes my friends and I decided to return back home as the rain was not stopping. I used my key to enter the house as always and to my shock and surprise I saw my Dadi sitting on the kitchen floor with the water still running in the basin. I immediately went to her and saw that she was clutching her chest and having difficulty to breathe. I could see that her face had become pale and my first response was to call my mother. Ma told me to wait while she called for an ambulance and give Dadi some water. I didn’t know what else I can do and I was very scared that the ambulance may not come on time due to the rain.

Then I suddenly I got a call from my father and he told me to go to his bedside drawer and get something called OXY99. I rushed there and opened his bedside drawer and saw some small blue and white color cans lying there amidst other medicines. I remembered that my father had shown us these cans a few times before but I could not remember what it was for. He always kept telling all our family and friends how helpful these were for him as he was an Asthmatic patient and always had a problem of breathlessness.

Papa had told me to get a can of OXY99 from the drawer and immediately use it on Dadi. These cans were small and lightweight and there were 3 of them so I quickly grabbed one and took it to my Grandmother. I took off the Cap and quickly read the instructions even though my hands were trembling with fear. It was really simple to use and the top side of the can had an in-built mask containing a nozzle and trigger. I just pointed the nozzle of the built in mask close to my Dadi’s nose and mouth and after pressing the trigger I told her to breathe from it exactly as Papa had instructed. We kept repeating this over and over and she kept taking deep breaths from the can. After a few minutes she started looking visibly better and less pale. Her breathing also improved so I went and got the other 2 cans as well. With one hand I kept helping Dadi breathe from the can and with the other Hand I kept speaking to my parents on the phone.

Finally the ambulance and medical help also arrived and took Dadi into the ambulance where I saw them putting a mask on her mouth and connecting it to some sort of tank. I asked the attendant what it was and they told me it was oxygen. Once I understood that they are giving her oxygen I looked at the can in my hand again and in bold letters it read “OXY99, Breathe pure oxygen”, then, it finally dawned on me and I realized why papa had asked me to make Dadi breathe from the cans.

On reaching the hospital, Dadi was rushed into the ICU and we met the doctor on call. I immediately showed him the Oxygen cans that papa had told me to use and I told him that I have been giving my Dadi oxygen at home while waiting for the ambulance. The doctor looked surprised to see such a small bottle of oxygen in my hand and said that he was relieved that we have given oxygen to Dadi even before the ambulance could arrive to help. I told him that it was my papa’s Idea.

After some time had passed, the Doctor on call came out and met us. He was a really nice man and he calmled us down and said that Dadi was in critical condition but she is going to be fine. He asked Papa about the oxygen cans and said that I had showed it to him. Papa told the doctor that the can of oxygen is a brand called OXY99 portable oxygen which was recently launched in India for the first time and that he always keeps it close to him at home and in his office bag because he suffers from Asthma and bouts of breathlessness. The doctor said that he really appreciated my papa’s presence of mind and by telling me to give oxygen to Dadi at the critical time in the very initial stage, it may have given a major relief on the load to her heart and lungs as the air has only 20% oxygen which is not sufficient during emergency situation and that’s the reason why the ambulance also carries oxygen. OXY99 saved my Dadi’s life and I want to share my story with as many people as possible because what it did for my family could also be a very big help for someone else. I hope that by sharing my experience this will help others and their loved ones the same way that it helped us."

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What is Oxy99

Oxy99 is India's number 1 trusted brand for Ultra portable oxygen cans that contain 99% pure oxygen any can be used by anyone at anytime to help in raising or restoring oxygen level in the body. OXY99 is a premium product brought to India by ING L&A Boschi of Italy since 1930 and manufactured as per the latest Indian pharmacopeia guidelines (I.P. 2014).

OXY99 portable oxygen bottle is a one time investment to keep for home as a firstaid lifesaver with a shelf life of 2 years. The bottle is light-weight weighing just 120 grams. This portable oxygen is packaged in a can containing 99% pure medical grade oxygen with upt to 150 inhalations per bottle.

How OXY99 Helps

  • Provides immediate relief by acting as a first aid during emergencies.
  • Helps instantly for any type of breathlessness or breathing difficulty
  • Instantly helps recover from low oxygen levels in the body caused by air pollution, smoking, stale air quality, poorly ventilated rooms, high altitude, etc.
  • Useful if suffering from respiratory and lung disorders including asthma, COPD, etc.

How OXY99 works?

  • Oxygen is our primary source of energy and is responsible for 90% of the brain and body functions
  • OXY99 instantly increases the oxygen levels in the body and helps restore the brain and body functions to normal.
  • By inhaling just 3 to 5 short bursts , OXY99 helps to recover from conditions resulting in low oxygen levels in the body.


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• Extremely light weight (125 grams) and easy to carry
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What Others Are Saying


I am a long-time patient of COPD. I found OXY99 extremely useful for meeting my extra oxygen requirement as my body oxygen level is always below normal and it leaves me very tired and out of energy. OXY99 cans can be carried around easily and I use it to keep myself healthy.
~ Kulbeer - Jammu


I am a senior citizen and I started using OXY99 for recovery from breathlessness. I found OXY99 is also perfect to keep for emergency situations as Ambulance may not come on time and oxygen is critical in case of medical emergency.
~ D.K Agarwal - Delhi


I got to know about OXY99 from a friend and I have carried it with me as I traveled to Leh & Ladhakh. Air is very low on oxygen there and i was feeling very sick. Oxy99 increases my body oxygen level to normal and i instantly feel better.
~ Pramod - Leh & Ladhakh

Other useful applications of all Purpose OXY99 PURE OXYGEN Cans:

Asthma or other
Respiratory disorders
& Fatigue
Headaches & Migraine
Mental & Physical
& Coughing

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